The parchment

All of my creations are realized on parchment made from goat skin, deer skin or veal prepared  by French parchment maker. I prefer deer skin as it has a very fine grain, particulary white, 0,2 or 0,3 millimeters thick.

Parchment is a very noble material but also very distinctive : it is a living material sensitive to surrounding humidity.

Soaking, tautness, drying and sanding are essential operations in order to obtain a smooth and regular surface that will not deform.

These different stages can take up to ten hours depending on the size  of the parchment.

Flawless  refinery allows for finer lines and both the gesso and pigments fix better to the skin.

parchemin - Martine Chany - réalisation sur parchemin de chèvre teinté noir

The Luttrellois realized on parchment made from goat skin